GUY JAMES WHITWORTH                                                                       


Guy is primarily a portrait artist, but also has completed both architectural and landscape commissions, however his most recognisable work is easily his full figure stylised nudes in the bold, almost garish palette, recognisable in all of his work. Guy’s has had many successful exhibitions such as ‘Like Neon Within,’ which was made up of portraits and nudes, was a huge hit with both the public, collectors and critics, with ABC online calling him ‘one of the most promising and collectable artists’ around at the moment. He’s last exhibition ‘One Day You’ll Understand’ further extended his audience with articles being published in The Sydney Star Observer and Dirty Queer Magazine. The exhibition was an exploration of the attitude, experience and beauty that age can bring.

He has shown his work in many places and in many galleries, notably, Clockhouse and The Artesian Well in London, The Tap Gallery and Pine Street Gallery in Sydney. His work is both elaborate yet minimalist, using primary colours where other artists would use pastels.